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Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration provides students with a contemporary world-class business education which helps them achieve their career aspirations and serve talent needs of the local and global business world. Our Undergraduate Program offers an interactive and technologically intensive curriculum that combines a portfolio of foundational business courses and elective courses in core business areas where students develop critical thinking, effective communication and team-player skills required to meet the needs of dynamic business life.

Faculty members with strong international and local backgrounds, course projects for local firms and subsidiaries of global firms, invited guest speakers in executive roles and instructors experienced in local and international companies, internships and mentoring of students by business representatives provide our students with the knowledge and skills to pursue local and global professional careers. We serve internationalization of our students through 62 exchange agreements with business schools around the world and we are proud to have the highest proportion of exchange students throughout the university. The diversity of our student body, international students, exchange students and students from 40 cities of the country, enriches the classroom experience for the students and gives them opportunities to interact and collaborate with students from different cultures. The high quality learning environment we create is evidenced by the receipt of Distinguished Teacher Award of Bilkent University by six members of our faculty. The numerous and successful alumni at high level management positions in both national and global companies across a variety of sectors attest to this strength.