This capstone course involves a semester-long project carried out with an actual company to enable students to apply their business functional area knowledge in an actual business setting and to develop a holistic perspective on business practice. With this objective, the course first will involve a classroom component where the students will review their business functional area knowledge and develop integrative case analysis skills. Based on this preparation, students will then launch their field project to engage with an actual company, to identify and frame business problems and challenges that they face based on various data sources (both primary and secondary), and to articulate these in a detailed and contextualized case report. Finally, students will analyze and provide a solution for a business case, and communicate/present their proposed solutions in multiple professional formats.

Spring 2020 – Graduation Project Presentations

Faculty of Business Administration senior students presented their projects conducted for MAN 495, Business Capstone Project Course, on 15-16 June 2020. In the first part of the course, the teams conducted a field study at a company of their choice and identified a business problem faced by the company. Each team is required to write a description and a clear articulation of the business problem in a case format and to record short videos for the presentation of their cases. A group of faculty members of FBA watched and evaluated these video recordings and one team from each section was chosen for the best performance of their video presentation. The selected teams were awarded with mentorship by FBA graduates with vast business experience.

For the second part of the course, the cases written in the first part are assigned to different teams to offer solutions to the problems/issues of the company stated in the case undertaken. On June 15-16, the teams presented their case solutions to their classmates as well as to the faculty members in an online platform, followed by a short discussion and Q/A session among the case writer teams, solution provider teams, and the faculty members.

The winners of the case video presentations are also announced after the teams have presented their solutions after each section:

  • Section 1: Group Capstoners – Getir Perakende Lojistik A.Ş
    Nausherwan Aziz – Yiğit Bacanlı – Oğuz Bayar – Hakan Yenel – Özüm Yenen
  • Section 2: Group Kapkaramehmetler – Karamehmetler Gıda A.Ş
    Ali Akdeniz – Merve Tuğçe Aysan – Mustafa Berk – Alkın Kerimoğlu – Atamert Mıhcı – Furkan Yiğiter
  • Section 3: Group Exclusive – Sinpaş G.Y.O.
    Erol Berkay Atasoy – Asil Doğaner – Hasibe Kurnaz – Merve Okut – Salih Cem Uysal – Abdullah Kaan Yemişçiler