Dean’s Award for Research

Dean’s Award are granted to both faculty members and graduate students for the appreciation of quality research. The categories for faculty members are: Research Achievement, Research Recognition, Scientific Recognition and Appreciation for Awarded. The categories for graduate students are: Excellence in Research, Excellence in Academic Performance and Departmental Citizenship.

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Faculty Awards

BAGEP Award of Dr. Tanrısever Our faculty member Dr. Fehmi Tanrısever has received the prestigious BAGEP award for young scientists, of Bilim Akademisi (Bilkent News). We congratulate and thank him for bringing this award to our faculty. During the ceremony, the award of Dr. Tanrısever was presented by our dean Ülkü Gürler. Below, you can…

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Student Awards

Our 2017 PhD graduate Dr. Naime Usul received the 2017 Hakan Orbay Research Award for PhD students. Our 2015 graduate Gizem Yalçın received the Professor G. W. J. Bruins Prize, given annually by Erasmus University Rotterdam to recognize outstanding academic performance and research abilities.

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