The PhD in Business Administration in Bilkent University is a research based program in the following concentration areas:

  • Finance
  • Marketing ( No admission for 2024 – 2025 )
  • Operations Management

Our PhD program is a full-time year program taught in English. PhD students are trained as future colleagues and academics. The doctoral program fosters close interaction between students and faculty, and every doctoral student belongs to a research group specializing in a particular field of research. Our faculty members are active in the area of Business Administration and excellent teachers who keep up-to-date in their disciplines through research and publication.

Starting from the first year, you will be working on your thesis which is equivalent to 240 ECTS. In this process, you will be supervised by one SSE faculty member (primary supervisor) from the very beginning. After you have submitted a dissertation proposal in the second year, you will work with a supervision committee of 3-4 professors to complete your PhD dissertation. The program ends with a thesis defense.



The PhD program with concentration of finance focuses on research topics in empirical corporate finance and investments. The graduates of the PhD program are expected to conduct original research that contributes to the application of financial economics and to pursue academic careers in prestigious universities. To achieve this objective, students are equipped with rigorous training in research methods and financial theory.

The finance faculty conducts empirical research in specialized fields of asset pricing, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, financial intermediation, real estate finance, derivatives markets, financial risk management, market efficiency and market microstructure. Research support includes excellent computing facilities and library, as well as access to financial databases such as Bloomberg, CRSP in Security Prices in (WRDS), Compustat (WRDS), Euromonitor International’s Global Market Information Database (GMID), Global Development Finance (GDF), ISI Emerging Markets, International Financial Statistics, World Development Indicators (World Bank).
Program Structure…

Research Faculty: Kürşat Aydoğan, Tolga Demir, Zeynep Önder, Süheyla Özyıldırım,  Altan Pazarbaşı, Ahmet Şensoy, A. Başak Tanyeri.



(no admission for 2024-2025 )

Our Ph.D. program in the concentration area of marketing integrates a solid analytical training with a scholarly theoretical emphasis. The program is based on four pillars: strong analytics, strong theory, sound research skills, and international experience. International experience entails activities such as a semester or a year abroad and international seminars or conferences at Bilkent and elsewhere and helps future academics get acquainted with the global nature of scholarship and research.
Program Structure…

Research Faculty: Ahmet Ekici, Güliz Ger.



Operations Management is concerned with gaining knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to manage and advance the efficiency and productivity of business operations. Operations Management studies emphasize the development of models, methods, applications, and algorithms as they apply to problems in production and services. Management of resources, the distribution of goods and services to customers, and the analysis of queuing and inventory systems are also within the scope of Operations Management. The research interests of the faculty follow up-to-date business practices and needs, with emphasis on revenue management, perishable and recyclable inventory control, health care management, supply chain contracts, production and customer order scheduling, and coordination issues in inventory management, supply chain scheduling, and new product development.
Program Structure…

Research Faculty: Emre Berk, Erdal Erel, Yasemin Limon, Fehmi Tanrısever,  Canberk Üçel.


Melisa Özdamar

Bilkent Business Administration provides a sophisticated knowledge and a high quality of teaching. In the PhD program, I believe I obtained a solid theoretical education, which is intensified by the endless support and encouragement for gaining experience in the empirical world of finance. Well qualified faculty members and always helpful and supportive administrative staff certainly ease the challenging structure of doctorate education. Although we were inclined to focus on the graduation date and achieving the degree at once, we discovered that the journey was just as fulfilling. Bilkent embraces each student with compassion, challenges and helps becoming more independent individuals, who believe in themselves and their success, while getting prepared for the business world.

Melisa Özdamar ,Ph.D., 2022 (Finance)

Muhammad Sabeeh Iqbal

I received my Ph.D. degree in December 2020. Thanks to my advisors and awesome learning environment, my research on “institutional herding behavior” got recognized at top forums and Bilkent University awarded me the excellence in research award. Moreover, the faculty and administration are very supportive. Ph.D. in Bilkent University has proven to be the best decision of my academic career. A comprehensive list of courses, teaching and research assistantship, teaching opportunities, research seminars, conference fundings and the conducive research environment prepared me for an excellent career ahead. I also had the honor to meet and learn from the professors having authority in the field regularly invited by Bilkent University. Thanks to Bilkent, I am currently serving as assistant professor of Finance at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST), which ranks among the top universities of Pakistan. Finally, the cherry on top is that I could also enjoy the best of both academic and social life. The facilities like accommodation, sports, healthcare, and advisory for my family and me made my journey marvelous. Bilkent is a beautiful university in a beautiful country with beautiful people.  ”

Muhammad Sabeeh Iqbal, Ph.D.2020, (Finance)
Assistant Professor / SZABIST

Tuba Pelin Sümer

Working in the finance sector with an industrial engineering background, I thought that following a PhD degree in finance would contribute to my career and applied to Bilkent University. PhD education enabled me to learn both finance concepts and how to conduct academic studies from a high quality faculty. I believe that having a SSCI paper in the end due to the publication requirement of the program contributes both for students aiming to follow academic career and for the ones who work in academic institutions as Central Bank. The supportive manner of the faculty to present studies in international conferences is invaluable as well.

Tuba Pelin Sümer, Ph.D.,2019 (Finance)
Economist / TCMB

Müge Demir

As a professional working in a foreign country, I observe that the PhD program of Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration is well-known in the world because of its international and multidisciplinary curriculum and the faculty as well as its academic success. With its academic reputation and challenging training, the program has been the proof of my success in the professional environment. Besides, for those who would like to follow an academic career, I strongly recommend PhD program of Bilkent FBA, as the requirement of having a publication in a reputable journal in order to graduate helps the students to find world-wide academic jobs in leading universities after graduation.

Müge Demir, Ph.D., 2019 (Finance)

Murat Tiniç

Bilkent FBA provides an excellent environment for doctoral students. The Ph.D. program in finance, which offers a variety of theoretical and applied classes in financial economics from internationally renowned faculty members, provides a solid background in fundamental concepts in the field. In terms of research, students can obtain constant feedback on their work, not just from their advisors but from all faculty members. During my doctoral studies at FBA, I was also able to actively participate in several research projects with different faculty members and build up my research portfolio for the job market. In addition to the professional relationships, I was able to grow both as a scientist and an individual with the personal relationships I formed during my doctoral studies. As a proud alumnus of Bilkent FBA, I feel like I am still part of a larger group of individuals that are motivated to support me at all times.

Murat Tiniç, Ph.D., 2019 (Finance)
Assistant Professor / Kadir Has University

Esra Öz

Attending a Ph.D. at Bilkent has been a lifetime experience. Here is a place to thrive and excel in the field you are passionate about. Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration is strongly balanced to point you in the right direction while giving you the right amount of autonomy. The faculty gives the perfect setting for critical thinking and academic creativity. Learning how to access the network of resources first and then how to produce science and information at the cutting edge becomes easy with the faculty here. Bilkent FBA is distinctive in preparing the Ph.D. graduate in academic development, intellectual growth, developing critical consciousness for today’s business world. All these things in one bundle, you are ready to achieve a wide spectrum of impact. If you dream yourself above and beyond the point where you are, apply to the program. Following my graduation, I was not surprised to draw the highest accolades in a series of events at Harvard Business School in front of my cohorts from only top schools all over the world.

Esra Öz,Ph.D., 2017 (Operations Management)

M. Sinan Gonul

If I only had one sentence to describe Bilkent Faculty of Business Administration PhD programs that would be “a world-class PhD education in Turkey”. I am sure many of you who want to pursue a PhD degree are facing the same dilemma I had back then:  “Can I remain in Turkey, but at the same time receive a high quality PhD education certified in international standards?” With Bilkent Faculty of Business Administration PhD programs, the answer is a definite yes! Not only you will be getting the rudimentary PhD-level courses arranged in a flexible fashion according to your area of planned dissertation, but also you will be working with faculty members who are very keen and active in research. In this way, you will have no difficulty in having a high quality publication of your own before you even graduate. What an invaluable jumpstart to your academic career!

M. Sinan Gonul, Ph.D.,2007 (Operations Management)
Associate Professor (Reader) and Director of Education Marketing, Operations & Systems / Newcastle Business School,Northumbria University, UK