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Upon successful completion of coursework and a thesis for the PhD Program, students will:

Goal 1: Individuals equipped with advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in the specialization area (Finance; Marketing; Operations Management)

  • Objective 1. Have breadth and depth of knowledge in the specialization area of study

Goal 2:  Individuals able to conduct impactful research in their areas of specialization for the scientific community and society at large

  • Objective 2. Be able to apply appropriate specialized theories, models and tools to formulate and solve concrete business and managerial problems as demonstrated in the dissertation thesis
  • Objective 3. Be able to publish their work conducted during the graduate study in the major journals of their specialization area of study
  • Objective 4. Disseminate insights from the findings of the dissertation to academia and to the appropriate audiences beyond academia through conferences, academic and non-academic publications, and social media

Goal 3: Individuals equipped with teaching skills

  • Objective 5. Be able to teach undergraduate courses in his/her specialization area after proposal defense

Goal 4: Individuals equipped with communication and presentation skills

  • Objective 6. Be able to use written English effectively as a medium of communication of scholarly work as demonstrated in a paper accepted for publication in SSCI/SCI journals
  • Objective 7. Be able to use spoken English effectively as a medium of communication of scholarly work

Goal 5: Individuals equipped with professional ethics

  • Objective 8. Be honest and truthful in reporting the findings of others/ their own research.
  • Objective 9. Ensure that the participants of the studies with human subjects are treated ethically, including informed consent, voluntary participation, confidentiality, anonymity, and humane treatment of subjects, when required
  • Objective 10. Be able to show awareness of and commitment to (i) mutual respect for others’ opinions and beliefs and (ii) equal treatment of individuals regardless of gender and other characteristics, as demonstrated in the interaction with students in class