Upon successful completion of coursework for BA in Business Administration, students will be able to:
Goal 1 – Business professional equipped with business knowledge and skills
   Obj 1. demonstrate a broad understanding of the core business functions
   Obj 2. demonstrate an understanding of the codified body of knowledge in business administration/management 
   Obj 3. identify and apply appropriate analytical tools in core business functions
   Obj 4. have working knowledge and skill in using spreadsheets and similar supportive software for business analysis
Goal 2 – Critical thinker
   Obj 5. think critically – infer, deduce, interpret, recognize assumptions, and evaluate arguments
Goal 3 – Ethical business professional
   Obj 6. show awareness of the ethical components of a business decision
   Obj 7. show awareness of and commitment to (i) respect for others’ persons, opinions and beliefs, and (ii) equal treatment of individuals regardless of gender and other characteristics, both for internal and external stakeholders and in business situations and in society at large
Goal 4 – Effective communicator
   Obj 8. produce quality professional written documents on a business topic in English suited for an audience
   Obj 9. deliver a quality professional presentation on a business topic to an audience using the appropriate technology
Goal 5 – Effective team player
   Obj 10. function in teams in a business environment effectively
Goal 6 – Business professional equipped with English language skills for professional and personal development
   Obj 11. follow the developments in the theory and practice of their profession that occur globally and are communicated in English in order to keep abreast with current business practices in their professional careers and for personal development.