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The significance of sustainability and its environmental, economic, and social aspects have been central to Bilkent University’s existence and operating principles since its genesis.: The location of the University in Ankara, which previously had low economic value and was largely unusable, gained an educational purpose and value with Bilkent’s establishment. . University campuses are known for their well-planned yet simple design where a rich biodiversity exists.. Bilkent district, which grew hand in hand with Bilkent University, has similar characteristics with its residential areas and commercial facilities. Other arrangements regarding building, facility and landscaping renovations in the operation of Bilkent University go through a strict screening of materiality and carried out in a way that does not harm the biodiversity on campuses. Bilkent Holding companies, owned by the University, have historically shown a pro-environmental disposition in their business activities, implementing measures to prevent or minimize negative externalities at their source.

Sustainability Activities @ Bilkent

Decarbonization and Waste Management In recent years, as the impact of climate change and the measures for combatting it find an increasingly prominent place on the agenda of the global community, Bilkent University is also keeps its existing sustainability considerations on its agenda well-formulated policies and practices. The University has declared the 2021-2022 academic year as the ‘Sustainability Year’ and has added “to generate ideas on sustainability and climate change” to its goals for the purposes of raising awareness and to serving as a pioneer and example to the society with innovative projects.

A group of volunteer 11th-grade students from the Turkish İDV Bilkent High School and the Slovenian Rudolf Maister Kamnik High School initiated a research project on the issue of renewable energy and its effects on the environment.

Consequently, the University has started to enrich its educational programs with sustainability-oriented courses, seminars and academic projects. Within the scope of decarbonization and waste management, dormitories 12, 81 and 82, which comply with passive house standards of energy efficiency, were built as environmentally friendly buildings with energy efficiency in mind. In reducing, reusing and recycling waste products, the requirements by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change to obtain the Zero Waste Certificate have been successfully fulfilled. The irrigation needs of the campus land are entirely met by the installed rainwater reservoir. The current campus buildings have a total of 1,325 square meters of green roof and the new student center building alone is planned to have 4000 square meters of green roof.

Nearly 15% of the energy requirement for heating the semi-olympic swimming pool on campus is met by the solar panels installed. The rooftop solar panels together with the solar energy field built between the Main Campus and East Campuses are planned to meet approximately 10% of the total energy requirement of the University.


Bilenerji – Bilkent Energy Production Cogeneration Industry and Trade Inc. was established to operate in the energy sector with the aim of meeting the electricity and steam energy needs of Bilkent University and Bilkent Holding Companies. Bilenerji is one of the most important companies in the sector with its ability to develop innovative systems and approaches that ensure the dynamism of organizational structures, in line with its strategic goals and plans, and its emphasis on its employees. Bilenerji Inc. aims for sustainable development in areas where it operates with the goal of protecting the environment by minimizing adverse effects and aiming to be a leader, by analyzing the environmental impacts of its activities in line with the principle of “respect for human and the environment
Vision: To be the best and innovative pioneering company in the Energy sector by creating superiority through sustainable growth, guiding change, and producing new projects and investments to meet the country’s needs, while adapting to technological advancements, directing change, nurturing expert staff, and achieving sustainable growth.
Mission: To maintain the highest level of service quality at our power plant, adapt to innovative projects and changes in the Energy sector, provide the necessary resources for its continuity, and strive to supply Bilkent University and Bilkent Holding Companies’ electricity/heat energy needs seamlessly, affordably, and securely.

Gölbaşı SPP (Solar Power Plant)
To meet the electricity needs of Bilkent University and Bilkent Holding Companies, a 9.9 MW Solar Power Plant (SPP) will be established in the Gölbaşı District of Ankara Province. Bilenerji Bilkent Energy Production Industry and Trade Inc. plans to implement the 9.9 MW Solar Power Plant (SPP) project in Ankara Province, Gölbaşı District, to meet the electricity needs of Bilkent University and Bilkent Holding Companies. The project is valued at 121.5 million Turkish Lira. The solar power plant to be established will use a total of 18,408 panels and 40 inverters, with a total of 708 arrays. The plant will produce 17,325,000 kWh of electricity annually. The generated electricity will be connected to the nearest electricity pole receiving energy from Emirler TM at a voltage of 34.5 kV. Source: Bilenerji to establish a 10 MW SPP in Ankara.