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Below is a sample of a graduate course sequence for students in management and organization studies concentration. It’s important to remember that students will have differing elective courses with the approval of their supervisor.

First year (two-semesters)
GE 500 Research Methods and Academic Publication Ethics
GE 590 Academic Practices
MAN 590 Pro-Thesis Seminar
MAN 599 Master’s Thesis
 GE 510 Fundamentals of Social Research Design (Restricted Graduate Elective)
 GE 512 Quantitative Data Analysis (Restricted Graduate Elective)
 GE 513 Qualitative Research Methods (Restricted Graduate Elective)
MBA 561 Managing People and Organizations (Graduate Elective)
Graduate Elective (2)


Second year (two-semesters)
GE 590 Academic Practices
MAN 590 Pro Thesis Seminar
MAN 599 Master’s Thesis
MAN 592 Management and Organization Studies (Management Graduate Elective)