FBA Journal Publications

Our internationally qualified faculty members have diverse academic and professional expertise and are dedicated to excellence in business research and education. The faculty conducts cutting edge research and publishes in prestigious journals. Please click here to view the Journal Publications of our faculty members.

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Dean’s Award for Research

As the FBA of Bilkent University we have some external resources, that we can use for support and enhance the research activities in our department. Starting by 2017, our dean Ülkü Gürler decided to provide some support for the appreciation of quality research in our faculty that can be spent for academic purposes. The award…

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FBA Awarded Papers

Below, you can find the latest news of our faculty members who received awards from respectable professional societies… Intersectional Structuring of Consumption (Spring 2018) Curator: Güliz Ger Research Curations : Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) Curations are virtual collections of JCR articles selected to highlight an important consumer research topic. Articles are curated by domain experts…

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