Many host universities will ask you to submit a learning agreement when you apply, outlining a provisional study plan for your exchange year or semester. This Learning Agreement has to be duly signed by the coordinators of home and host institution. Please leave a copy of your Learning Agreement before your departure and fill out “Changes to the Learning Agreement Form” if you need to change a course after you arrive in host country.

In the Erasmus Exchange program we use ECTS credits. One Bilkent credits equate to two ECTS credit – therefore, a typical one semester course load of 15 Bilkent credits equates to 30 ECTS credits.

Consult your Academic Exchange Coordinator about your course selection.

For more information please visit this link

 International / Exchange Department Coordinators:
 Ceren Aydoğmuş, PhD (Room: MA328)
 Özgür Tolga Baycan (Room: MA112)