As the FBA of Bilkent University we have some external resources, that we can use for support and enhance the research activities in our department. Starting by 2017, our dean Ülkü Gürler decided to provide some support for the appreciation of quality research in our faculty that can be spent for academic purposes. The award covers accepted papers in highly respected journals, best paper awards, projects funded by external institutions etc.

2017 Dean’s Award Winners :

Achievement Award for Research : Asst. Prof. Fehmi Tanrısever (Production and Operations Management)

Financial Hedging and Optimal Procurement Policies under Correlated Price and Demand by Ankur Goel and Fehmi Tanrısever

Award for Research Recognition : Destan Kandemir (Industrial Marketing Management)

The role of horizontal and vertical new product alliances in responsive and proactive market orientations and performance of industrial manufacturing firms by Sena Ozdemir, Destan Kandemir and Teck-Yong Eng


Zahide Karakitapoğlu-Aygün and Lale Gümüşlüoğlu (Journal of Product Innovation Management)

When Team Identity Helps Innovation and When It Hurts : Team Identity and Its Relationship to Team and Cross-Team Innovative Behaviour by Robert C. Litchfield, Zahide Karakitapoğlu-Aygün, Lale Gumusluoglu Matthew Carter and Giles Hirst

Dean’s Support for a Best Paper Award : Nüfer Yasin Ateş (Wharton, People Analytics, 2017 Conference Competition Winner)

Capturing the Salience off Diversity Attributes from the Broader Social Context by Linda Van Leeuwen, Nufer Yasin Ates and Patrick John Fitzgerald Groenen