The field of Decision Science studies judgments and decisions by individuals, groups and organizations. Research in this area can be classified into three categories: the normative approach studies how people should make decisions if they are making choices in their best interests; the descriptive approach delves into the psychology of individuals and groups to understand how people actually make decisions; and the prescriptive approach develops methods and techniques to improve decision making. By its nature, Decision Science research is highly interdisciplinary, maintaining ties with fields such as psychology, economics, and statistics. Decision Science focuses on a number of challenging research themes which include judgment under risk, dealing with uncertainty, choosing among risky alternatives, judgmental forecasting, forecast support systems, risk perception and risk communication.

Operations Management is concerned with gaining knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to manage and advance the efficiency and productivity of business operations. Operations Management studies emphasize the development of models, methods, applications, and algorithms as they apply to problems in production and services. Management of resources, the distribution of goods and services to customers, and the analysis of queuing and inventory systems are also within the scope of Operations Management. The research interests of the Operations Management faculty follow up-to-date business practices and needs, with emphasis on revenue management, perishable and recyclable inventory control, health care ma nagement, supply chain contracts, production and customer order scheduling, and coordination issues in inventory management, supply chain scheduling, and new product development.

Faculty: Emre Berk, Erdal Erel, Dilek Önkal, Fehmi Tanrısever.

Ph.D. dissertations and places of current employment

TOY, Ayhan Özgür. Quality and Production Control with Opportunities and Exogenous Random Shocks.
Supervisor: Dr. Emre Berk. September 2005.
Associate Professor at Bilgi University.

GÖNÜL, M. Sinan. User Perspective in Judgmental Adjustments: Nested Adjustments and Explanations.
Supervisor: Dr. Dilek Önkal. July 2007.
Associate Professor at M.E.T.U.

KAPTAN GÜVENÇ, Gülbanu. Values and Risk Percepition: A Cross-Cultural Examination.
Supervisor: Dr. Dilek Önkal. February 2008.
Lecturer, University of Leeds, UK.

HAZIR, Öncü. Models and Algorithms for Deterministic and Robust Discrete Time/Cost Trade-Off Problems.
Supervisor: Dr. Erdal Erel. May 2008.
Associate Professor at TED University

M.S. thesis and places of current employment

YÜKSEL BAYAR, Aslı. A Continuous Review Inventory System in a Random Environment.
Supervisor: Dr. Emre Berk. September 1998.
Associate Professor at Bahçeşehir University.

ATASEVEN, Çiğdem. Manufacturing Strategies of Turkish Firms: An Empirical Study on Business Environmental Factors and Competitive Priorities.
Supervisor: Dr. Emre Berk. July 2006.
Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University, USA.

ERGENE, Erim. Replenishment Decisions Under Quantity Discounts and Expiry Dates.
Supervisor: Dr. Emre Berk. August 2006.
Ph.D. Student at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.

CEPHE, Ecem. Optimal Assortment Planning Under Capacity Constraint: Single and Multi-firm Systems Using Transshipments.
Supervisor: Dr. Erdal Erel. August 2016.
Capacity Planning Expert at TAI.