• The structure of the program allows both full-time and working students to interact during the classes and form a cohort.
  • The MBA Curriculum consists of the Core Curriculum (10 compulsory courses) and Aspiration Curriculum (3 elective courses.) All MBA coded courses are offered in the evenings between 6:30-9:20 PM during week days.
  • Some of the 5XX level courses (with 5 ECTS credits) offered in the university count towards the elective requirement.
  • All students take the core curriculum (consisting of compulsory courses).

The course schedules during the Academic Preparation period are customized on the basis of students’ academic backgrounds and both academic and professional achievements and aspirations.

A typical applicant without a business education background would be enrolled in the Standard AP course package.

Course Code Course Name
MBA 511 Accounting
MBA 561 Managing People and Organizations

Upon recommendation by the MBA academic advisor and approval by the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, some of the courses in the AP course package may be replaced by other courses offered in the Faculty of Business Administration.

Course Code Course Name
MBA 503 Business Economics
MBA 522 Corporate Finance
MBA 532 Marketing Management
MBA 542 Production and Operations Management
MBA 553 Data Models and Decisions
MBA 591 Business Strategy
MBA 592 Business Practice Project
MBA 602 MBA Project
  • Three electives with a total of at least 9 credits
  • Some of 5XX or higher-level courses offered by Bilkent University with at least 3 credits and 5 ECTS credits

A sample of the electives available at the Faculty of Business Administration offered in the last five years are:

Capital Markets and Institutions, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Strategic Behavior and Competition, Revenue Management, Investment Analysis II,  Human Resource Management, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Technology Management, Consumer Behavior I, Leadership and Negotiation for International Managers, New Product Design and Marketing, Services Marketing, Managing Through Social Media and Networks, Financial Risk Management, Advanced Competitive Strategy, International Finance, Markets and Competition and Global Competitive Strategy Program in the Executive MBA program.

Please follow this LINK for detailed elective course list.

  • You can take at least three elective courses in MBA Summer School in order to tailor the program to your needs and/or accelerate your graduation.
  • Summer school electives are mostly offered by visiting international scholars and Bilkent faculty members.
  • We also invite students from our partner institutions to participate in the summer session to create a truly international study experience.