AACSB accreditation expects from a school to list their learning goals for which it will demonstrate assurance of learning. The list of learning goals derives from the school’s mission. The mission and objectives set out the intentions of the school, and the learning goals say how the degree demonstrates the mission. The following learning goals describe the desired educational accomplishment of our MBA program.


Upon successful completion of coursework for the traditional MBA, students will be able to:

Goal 1: Business professional equipped with business knowledge and skills

  • Objective 1. Demonstrate a solid grasp of the codified body of conceptual knowledge in core business areas
  • Objective 2. Demonstrate a solid grasp of the quantitative and qualitative analytical tools in core business areas

Goal 2: Effective decision maker with a global perspective

  • Objective 3. Identify business problems and/or opportunities
  • Objective 4. Collect data and extract information
  • Objective 5. Develop solutions in a critical and analytical manner for business problems or action plans or opportunities
  • Objective 6. Adopt an integrative perspective taking into consideration the consequences of the proposed decision on all relevant business functions and stakeholders with a global mindset

Goal 3: Socially responsible business professional

  • Objective 7. Show awareness of the ethical and social responsibility dimensions of a business decision
  • Objective 8: Embrace socially responsive perspective in business decision making.

Goal 4: Business professional equipped with effective communication and people management skills

  • Objective 9. Effective communicator
  • Objective 10. Effective management of work groups