Our students come from different parts of Turkey and overseas. They hold undergraduate degrees in engineering, business, economics, and science. They have diverse of work and cultural experiences. During the course of study, our students benefit from and contribute to the dynamic educational environment and gain management skills from faculty members as well as from each other.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
# of applications 67 37 48 59 51
# of registered students 19 10 17 19 14
Average GMAT scores* 601 610 625 660 665
Average ALES scores* 82 81 83 85
Average work experience (in months) 25 30 28 27 27

Here’s what some of our students, past and present say about the program:

Hao Li – Community Content Management Country Team Leader, ByteDance

“Choosing to study in the MBA program in Bilkent University is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The top-notch faculty with their considerable experiences in local and global business world, the student body with different backgrounds, as well as the supportive administration team, make my two years at Bilkent a really enjoyable and rewarding journey. Upon graduation in the summer of 2017, I took an offer from ZTE Corporation, one of the largest communications equipment manufacturers in the world, as Human Resources Manager in Turkey, when the company was in the process of integrating its local operations with its recently acquired local subsidiary. In 2019, I decided to move to ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, as the country leader for its newly established community content management department. Within one year, we have quadrupled the size of local team to serve our fast-growing number of users in Turkey. The decision to continue my career in Turkey and the courage to explore the uncharted path, should be largely attributed to my education in Bilkent. Because the MBA program imparts me with necessary knowledge and skills to develop my sensitivity to business governance, culture and people management in the local market, whereby prepares me for working in different sectors and different roles.”

Ilgın Özdemir Yazgan – Founder of Accouchee, CBFW Mentee

“In the new world of big data and open sources for all, you can easily learn anything even from various distant-learning programs. Yet, none of them can provide you with the solid network of distinguished professors and more important than all a solid network of classmates each of whom will thrive in the near future. Bilkent MBA surely provides you with the essentials of being successful at work, you can even arrange your courses in such a way that you may choose to get experienced in a certain field. In my case, Bilkent MBA not only provided me with a degree but also with awareness on what I like the most in life, branding and marketing! I was a scholarship student so I was trying to do my best in each and every course; yet my grades were clearly showing what my core competence was and what I like spending time on. I was so lucky to have a marketing professor who taught me to think out of the box, how to be one of a kind and how to stand against the norms. If I have my own brand today, I should owe a thank you to my marketing professors at Bilkent. My last but not least suggestion would be to find what you would wholeheartedly work on to spend all your days enjoying your work. In that case, success and money would be natural consequences rather than goals. Put your heart in all your decisions as well as choosing your university.”

Gökhan Tufan – Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft

“Bilkent MBA education is once in a lifetime experience where you start to unleash your potential, grow with real life business cases, learn from world-class academicians, and discuss with professionals from diverse background and industries. This is the place you will be empowered with management, finance, marketing, sales and strategy skills. Bilkent MBA will open doors to the world.”

Çağatay Günay – Asset Management, London Business School

“Although it may sound cliché, MBA program of Bilkent University has truly changed my life. When I began to study here, I did not know almost anything about how businesses and overall economy work and had much narrower vision for my further career. In the course of the program, I have decided on where my future career is; learnt a great deal about it and eventually changed my work. My city and my future, met my mentor who inspired, influenced and helped me a lot along my way and found courage and inspiration to found a start-up in the very beginning. I was working for a slow and heavily bureaucratic company offering mothing for development of my skills. Right now I am based in one of the global money management centers and confidently moving further in my career. All has begun in Bilkent MBA.”

İsmail Kök – Chief Researcher TUBITAK BILGEM

“I knew I wanted to start my own business and become a better leader. Here’s how Bilkent MBA hleped me do it. I remember the interview with the MBA committee like it was yesterday. I stated that I would resign from the biggest defense company in Turkey. Then I questioned how Bilkent MBA would help me. The committee stated that I would see it myself after graduation. They were right. Bilkent MBA experience made me a much more confident person on what I really want to do and develop my own business to take a broader perspective. Learning and growth opportunities were unlimited. Ultimately, I founded my own company two months after graduation and feel that I am equipped with necessary mental and solid tools to overcome the challenges of the business world.”

Ali Fuat Erbil – Executive Vice President, Garanti Bank 

“The Bilkent MBA program certainly lived up to all my expectations. The MBA program gave me a strong knowledge base in practices across a wide variety of business disciplines. The quality of the courses, high standards of professors and my classmates made the program challenging and enjoyable. Getting a Bilkent MBA was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my entire career.”

Suat Dolu – PWC; MBA 552 Management Information Systems Instructor

“I have made the transition from student to part-time instructor on the Bilkent MBA program and I know from experience that, no matter which side of the desk you are on, the program is inspiring, challenging and dynamic. Most importantly of all, it is enjoyable. During the course I not only improved my knowledge and experience, but also built strong and long-lasting relationships with my peers. I’m proud to have been part of this program and I know that choosing Bilkent was absolutely the right decision for me. As a lecturer, I look forward to helping each and every one of my students excel and share in the same invaluable experience I had.”

Gönül Kızılelma – Systems Manager, Procter&Gamble

“Bilkent MBA is the right address to gain in depth business knowledge, as it equips you with the fundamentals of different business subjects and then enriches your learning with a large number of various elective courses, regardless of your background. My business experience so far proved the value of taking courses from a faculty of experienced academicians and real business experts, working on real cases. If I now had a second chance, I would still be going for Bilkent MBA, especially upon my experience in Proctor&Gamble.”

Eric Bastin

“Bilkent MBA was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in the different aspects of management, but also to experience the Turkish culture. This later aspect was very important for me because I wanted to remain in Turkey after the master. The facilities of the University are wonderful and the teachers are very professional and knowledgeable. The contents of the courses were very good and challenging. I particularly enjoyed the case studies and the business simulations. The group assignments were also a good experience where the cultural differences could be lived to the full. Today, I work in Oracle Turkey where three of my colleagues are also Bilkent MBA graduates (from different years).”

Can Özdemir – Morgan Stanley, Investment Banker

“Bilkent MBA does not only give you a high-quality, comprehensive academic training, but also helps you acquire a wider perspective, which is critical for success in today’s business world. The programme combines the strong background of the faculty and the links with prominent business leaders, while offering outstanding international opportunities at the same time. As a result, Bilkent MBA successfully positions its graduate into top positions in different industries and provides them the skillset they need as a prospective global leader.”

Hasan Basri Çiçek

“Three years ago, I was just a good engineer, but I feel that I am supported by some clear insights about the business and become more conscious about my career and my expectations from life. MBA is not just a master for me. I take it in a professional manner. I have to say some facts that Bilkent MBA Program is really dedicated providing high quality education to possess a Frontier Spirit and a global perspective and the ability to contribute positively to the business community. I strongly suggest the employees to do this master in order to be a qualified manager. Thanks to all Professors, all staff of both Bilkent University and NUCB in order to help broadening my vision.”