08-023A+orsan_orges;bÖrsan Örge
Assistant Professor
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Academic Specialization:
Entrepreneurship, organization studies, family business, and business strategy

Research interests: Entrepreneurial practice and process; sustainability and growth of family businesses across generations; materiality of ordering and organizing processes; philosophy of social science

Dr. Örge received his PhD in Organization Studies from the University of Kansas. He conducts research in the areas of entrepreneurship and family business, and teaches entrepreneurship and business strategy. Dr. Örge also works in close collaboration with various stakeholders of entrepreneurship in and around Bilkent University to promote an effective entrepreneurial learning and practice community. In 2007, Dr. Örge served as the academic director of the inaugural birFİKRİNmiVAR? business plan competition. Between 2007-2009, he was the national director for the global STEP project (with Dr. Itır Göğüş). In 2010, he served as the national expert in an EU-sponsored project on entrepreneurial learning in higher education.

Selected Publications :

Göğüş, C.I., Ö. Örge and Duygulu,O. (2013). In Context, Process and Gender in Entrepreneurship, “Gendering entrepenership: A Discursive Analysis of a Woman’s Entrepreneur Competiton”, Edward Elgar Publishing.20-22.

Örge, Ö. (2013). Entrepreneurship policy as discourse: Appropriating entrepreneurial agency in Welter, F., R. Blackburn, E. Ljunggren & B. W. Åmo (eds) , 37-57 Entrepreneurial Business and Society: Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Kravets, O. and Örge, Ö. (2010). Iconic brands: A socio-material story. Journal of Material Culture, 15(2), 205-32.