Operations Management is concerned with gaining knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to manage and advance the efficiency and productivity of business operations. Operations Management studies emphasize the development of models, methods, applications, and algorithms as they apply to problems in production and services. Management of resources, the distribution of goods and services to customers, and the analysis of queuing and inventory systems are also within the scope of Operations Management. The research interests of the Operations Management faculty follow up-to-date business practices and needs, with emphasis on revenue management, perishable and recyclable inventory control, health care management, supply chain contracts, production and customer order scheduling, and coordination issues in inventory management, supply chain scheduling, and new product development.

Research Faculty: Emre Berk, Erdal Erel, Yasemin Limon, Dilek Önkal, Fehmi Tanrısever, Canberk Üçel, Bo Wei.