• Students who are currently in their minimum 3rd or maximum 5th registration semester are eligible to apply.
  • Students are able to spend their 3rd year 1st semester or 2nd semester and 4th year 1st semester abroad in the scope of an exchange program.
  • Students must spend their final semester before graduation at Bilkent University.

The required CGPA to apply for an exchange program is:

2.50 for Erasmus exchange
3.00 for Global exchange

Students will be able to transfer the credits for the courses that they have taken during their exchange period to their Bilkent curriculum. There are only a few restrictions. The courses to be taken during the exchange period have to be approved by the faculty before departure and undergraduate students have to take the following courses at Bilkent University:

  • MAN 213 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • MAN 321 Corporate Finance
  • MAN 335 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MAN 341 Production Management
  • MAN 361 Organization Theory
  • Students who have completed at least one semester at Bilkent University are eligible to apply.
  • Students must take into consideration that they have to spend their final semester before graduation at Bilkent University and plan their exchange period accordingly.
  • The required CGPA for graduate students is 3.00
  • Properly filled out Online Application Form
  • CV
  • Statement of purpose including a proposed course selection at the host institution of first choice

The application documents must be submitted to the International Partnerships Coordinator before the final deadline. The application period and deadline are announced during the fall semester every year.


Students are evaluated based on the following:

%50 Academic Performance / CGPA

%50 Language Evaluation / Cope – ENG 101 – ENG 102

Application Process Information → Erasmus Application Process