Erasmus and Exchange students are not permitted to enroll in MBA coded courses!


Seyeh Hesamoddin Nabavi, Iran (MAN): “Strong faculty members, sophisticated and convenient campus life and very friendly people around campus make my experiences in Bilkent and Turkey exciting, fun and unforgettable.”

Gülgün Mammadli, Azerbaijan (IR): “I can say that Bilkent is an amazing place for international students. Besides the high quality of education, Bilkent gave me a lot of amazing opportunities.”

Ani Kristo, Albania (CS):Bilkent FBA provides an excellent academic preparation, a great social environment and opportunities for a brilliant career. I would definitely encourage everyone who is looking for an experience abroad, to apply to Bilkent as this is the most optimal transition.”

Marc Anthony Steinbuchel, Germany (MAN): “Bilkent University is by far a great example of an academic institution that upholds an internationally-mixed atmosphere through their student and faculty bodies and their extensively ranging study abroad programs. The growing influx of international students as incoming exchange students just show how this university is being appreciated and recommended to other students. “

Elena Ailin Ma, Italy (Department of Management, Bocconi): “I spent great times with students in Bilkent FBA.  ESN group of Bilkent also worked really hard letting us doing a lot of different and nice experiences. They have created from the beginning a sense of family, and I am still glad for that. Thank you.”

Suvas Jesrani, Pakistan (IR): “I chose Bilkent for International exposure, and in Bilkent I found a multicultural experience where, together, we organize International Cultural events which are one of the best parts about Bilkent.”

Martin Krebs, Germany (ECON): “Social Life at Bilkent is just great: The huge campus with everything you need, Starbucks at FBA, coffee shops, restaurants and more. The people are mostly open minded and interested and more European than Europeans (in fact they are Europeans…). Especially the ESN team was great and supported us in everything.”

Helena Bjork, Sweden (Department of Management, Jonkoping International Business School): “I had a really nice time in Ankara. It was a lot better than I expected coming here.”


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