Yasemin Limon
Assistant Professor
yasemin.limon@bilkent.edu.tr | HomePage


Academic Specialization: Operations Management
Research interests: Supply Chain Management, Biopharmaceutical Operations, Contract Design, Resource Allocation, Routing and Logistics

Selected Publications :

Limon, Y., Krishnamurthy, A. Resource Allocation Strategies for Protein Purification Operations. IISE Transactions. Published online.

Martagan, T., Limon, Y., Krishnamurthy, A., Leland, P., Foti, T. (2019). Aldevron Accelerates Growth Using Operations Research in Biomanufacturing. INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, 49(2), 137-153.

Limon, Y., Azizoglu, M. (2018). New Heuristics for the Balanced k-Chinese Postmen Problem. International Journal of Planning and Scheduling, 2(4), 331-349.