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Academic Specialization:
Organizational Behavior
Research interests: Personality traits, emotional intelligence, leadership behaviors, psychological empowerment, organizational commitment, life satisfaction, self-esteem, self-efficacy and mindfulness. 

Dr. Aydogmus has been at Bilkent since 2001. She received her PhD (2011) in Management from Hacettepe University, MBA (1995) from Bilkent University and BS (1992) in Economics from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. She worked as an investment manager in Stock Exchange Department in MNG Bank and as an investment specialist in Kentbank and Ata Menkul Kıymetler before 2001. She has been working at Bilkent University since 2001.

She taught courses such as Communication Skills, Transferable Skills, Community Service, Organizational Behavior, Macroeconomics, International Marketing, Elements of Finance Analysis, Financial Regulations, Introduction to Sociology, Information Technologies in Education I, Computer Applications, Introduction to Computing for Social Sciences and Programming Environment. She currently teaches Introduction to Business II, Cross-Cultural Management, Marketing Principles and Business Capstone project. She is the Academic Coordinator of the Erasmus/Exchange Program in FBA. She is a member of European Academy of Management. Her special interests include playing piano, yoga, meditation and signature cell healing.

Selected Publications :

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