08-basaktanyeriBaşak Tanyeri
Assistant Professor, Director of CFA Committee
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Academic Specialization: Finance

Research interests: Mergers and acquisitions, banking regulation, mutual funds.

Graduated from Boston College in 2006. After working for one year in Southern Illinois University, she joined the Faculty of Business Administration in 2007. She has published in journals such as Journal of Corporate Finance and Journal of Financial Services Research.

Selected Publications :

M. Yılmaz, B.Tanyeri and L.Akdeniz. (2020)“The effect of tax regulation on firm value: the Turkish case of Allowance for Corporate Equity (ACE) regulation”, Applied Economic Letters, 119-135,.

Qian M. and B.Tanyeri, (2017), “Litigation and mutual fund runs”,  Journal of Financial Stability, 31, 119-135.

Yılmaz, I.S., Tanyeri, B. (2016). Global Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Activity: 1992-2011. Finance Research Letters, 17, 110-117.

Tanyeri, B. and Çömez-Dolgan, N.(2015). Inventory  performance with pooling:Evidence from mergers and acquisitions. International Journal of Production Economies, 168, 331-339.

Strahan P., Tanyeri, B. (2015). Once Burned, Twice Shy: Money Market Fund Responses to a Systemic Liquidity Shock. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 50(1-2), 119-144.

Fescioğlu-Ünver, N., Tanyeri, B., (2013). A comparison of artificial neural network and multinomial logit models in predicting mergers. Journal of Applied Statistics, 40(4), 712-720.

Cornett M., Tanyeri B., Tehranian H., (2011). The Effect of Merger Anticipation on Bidder and Target Firm Announcement Period Returns. Journal of Corporate Finance, 17(3), 595-611.

Hekimoğlu, MH., Tanyeri, B., (2011). Türk şirket birleşmelerinin satın alınan şirketlerin hisse senedi fiyatları üzerindeki etkileri. İktisat, İşletme, ve Finans, 26(308), 53-70.

Tanyeri, B. (2010). Financial Transparency and Sources of Hidden Capital in Turkish Banks. Journal of Financial Services Research, 37(1), 25-43.