The Faculty of Business Administration at Bilkent University offers the Masters of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees for those interested in advanced study of the theory and practice of management in three areas:

  • Decision Science & Operations Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Please follow the link for the curriculum.

Here’s what some of our students, past and present say about the Program:

“If I only had one sentence to describe Bilkent Faculty of Business Administration PhD programs, that would be “a world-class PhD education in Turkey.” I am sure many of you who want to pursue a PhD degree are facing the same dilemma that I had back then:  “Can I stay in Turkey, but at the same time receive a high-quality PhD education certified in international standards?” With Bilkent Faculty of Business Administration PhD programs, the answer is a definite yes!

Not only you will be getting the fundamental PhD-level courses arranged in a flexible fashion according to your area of the planned dissertation, but also you will be working with faculty members who are very keen on and active in research. In this way, you will have no difficulty in having a high-quality publication of your own before you even graduate. What an invaluable jump start to your academic career!

Sinan Gönül, Ph.D.,2007. Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, United Kingdom

“I feel that the program’s strengths came from (1) the finance seminar series with international researchers from top schools presenting their work; (2) the research required to start working on joint articles starting from the first semester of the PhD program; and (3) exchange opportunities with the wide network of partner universities throughout the world.”

Yakup Eser Arisoy, Ph.D.,2007. Associate Professor at Neoma Business School, France

“For those who want to take part in a decent graduate program in marketing in Turkey, Bilkent offers a great opportunity. Each faculty member has excellent knowledge in their fields as well as the capacity to offer unique and valuable graduate courses. They are also extremely research-oriented and working with them is a great opportunity to engage in studies that could be published in high-ranking journals. In addition to that, every two years, Bilkent hosts a seminar on consumer culture theory, which brings together the leading researchers in qualitative marketing studies. With such international events, graduate students in Bilkent have the chance to become a part of an academic network before completing the program. All these not only improve one’s field-specific knowledge and background but also enhance post-graduates’ career paths.

On the other hand, applicants must consider that our graduate program in marketing is dominated by a qualitative research paradigm, offering limited opportunities for those who are interested in experimental design or modeling. In addition, the type, number, and frequency of graduate marketing courses are limited due to a small number of faculty members and their other commitments. Thus, the offered curriculum might be quite tentative and students are usually required to find and attend courses outside the department/university. Although this allows students to customize their studies based on their own research interest, they also result in delays in completion of the program.”

Meltem Türe, Ph.D.,2013. Assistant Professor, University of London, Royal Halloway