Melis Ceylan
Visiting Assistant Professor | HomePage

Academic Specialization: Marketing
Research interests: Self-conscious emotions, Social exclusion, Food Consumption, Branding and Social Media Marketing

Melis Ceylan received her PhD degree in Marketing from Koc University in 2018. Dr. Ceylan received the Fulbright grant in 2008 to pursue a master’s degree in the U.S.  She completed her master’s in Computer Science at University of Southern California in 2010. Before joining to Bilkent University in 2019, Dr. Ceylan worked at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Sabancı University. She won the French-Turkish Research Fellowship in 2019 to visit an academic institution in France and develop and maintain long-lasting scientific collaborations with French researchers in Marketing.

Dr. Ceylan has taught several undergraduate and graduate level marketing courses such as Marketing Management, Marketing Research, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Additionally, she specialized in marketing research that studies consumer behavior and consumer psychology. In this context, she studies factors like brand blunders, product harm crisis, and social media influencer types that affect consumer product choice, and attitudes and trust toward brands. Dr. Ceylan also investigates how and why some emotions, such as embarrassment and pride, affect consumer behavior such as food choice.

Selected Publications:

Melis Ceylan, Selin Atalay, and Nilüfer Aydınoğlu (2020). “Incidental Pride Shapes Decisions to Exert Self-Control through Construal Level,” European Marketing Academy, Vol. 49.

Ceren Hayran and Melis Ceylan (2020) “Consumer Reactions to Social Media Brand Blunders,” European Marketing Academy, Vol. 49.

Melis Ceylan, Ezgi Akpınar, and Selin Atalay (2019). “Social Exclusion and Sharing Goals About the Self,” Association for Consumer Research, Vol. 47.

Melis Ceylan, Nilüfer Z. Aydınoğlu, and Vicki Morwitz (2018). “Embarrassed While Ordering Food? Role of Calorie Posting and Social Context”. European Association for Consumer Research, Vol. 11.