08-066-nufer-yasin-atesNüfer Yasin Ateş
Assistant Professor
n.y.ates@bilkent.edu.tr | HomePage

Academic Specialization: Strategic Management
Research interests : Strategy Process, Strategic Renewal, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Middle Managers, Managerial Cognition, Behavioral Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Research Methods

Selected Publications :

Ates NY, Tarakci M, Porck JP, van Knippenberg D, Groenen PJ. (forthcoming). The Dark Side of Visionary Leadership in Strategy Implementation: Strategic Alignment, Strategic Consensus and Commitment. Journal of Management. ( Click for details )

Porck JP, van Knippenberg D, Tarakci M, Ateş NY., Groenen PJ, de Haas, M. (2018). Do Group and Organizational Identification Help or Hurt Intergroup Strategic Consensus?. Journal of Management, doi: 0149206318788434. ( Click for details )

Tarakci M, Ates NY, Floyd SW, Ahn Y, Wooldridge B. (2018). Performance Feedback and Middle Managers’ Divergent Strategic Behavior: The Roles of Social Comparisons and Organizational Identification, Strategic Management Journal, 39(4), 1139-1162. ( Click for details )

Ates NY, Tarakci M, Ahn, YJ, Floyd SW, Wooldridge B. (2017). A Psychological Perspective on Middle Managers’ Championing Behavior, The Handbook of Strategy Process Research from a Middle Management Perspective, Steven Floyd, Bill Wooldridge (Eds), Northampton, Massachusetts: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.

Tarakci M, Ates NY, Porck JP, Groenen PJF, van Knippenberg D, De Haas M. (2014). Strategic Consensus Mapping: A New Method for Testing and Visualizing Strategic Consensus within and between Teams, Strategic Management Journal, 35, 1053-1069. ( Click for details )