08-066-nufer-yasin-atesNüfer Yasin Ateş
Assistant Professor
n.y.ates@bilkent.edu.tr | HomePage

Academic Specialization: Strategic Management
Research interests : Strategy Process, Strategic Renewal, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Middle Managers, Managerial Cognition, Behavioral Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Research Methods

Selected Publications :

Ates NY, Tarakci M, Porck JP, van Knippenberg D, Groenen PJ. (forthcoming). The Dark Side of Visionary Leadership in Strategy Implementation: Strategic Alignment, Strategic Consensus and Commitment. Journal of Management.

Porck JP, van Knippenberg D, Tarakci M, Ateş NY., Groenen PJ, de Haas, M. (2018). Do Group and Organizational Identification Help or Hurt Intergroup Strategic Consensus?. Journal of Management, doi: 0149206318788434. ( Click for details )

Tarakci M, Ates NY, Floyd SW, Ahn Y, Wooldridge B. (2018). Performance Feedback and Middle Managers’ Divergent Strategic Behavior: The Roles of Social Comparisons and Organizational Identification, Strategic Management Journal, 39(4), 1139-1162. ( Click for details )

Ates NY, Tarakci M, Ahn, YJ, Floyd SW, Wooldridge B. (2017). A Psychological Perspective on Middle Managers’ Championing Behavior, The Handbook of Strategy Process Research from a Middle Management Perspective, Steven Floyd, Bill Wooldridge (Eds), Northampton, Massachusetts: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.

Tarakci M, Ates NY, Porck JP, Groenen PJF, van Knippenberg D, De Haas M. (2014). Strategic Consensus Mapping: A New Method for Testing and Visualizing Strategic Consensus within and between Teams, Strategic Management Journal, 35, 1053-1069. ( Click for details )