08-062-A+Jacques-CouvasJacques Couvas
Senior Lecturer
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Academic Specialization: Business Strategy, Global Strategy, Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship
Research interests: Modern trends in Business, Corporate, and Global strategies; Executive and Organizational Leadership; Multi-party conflict resolution; Impact of Social Media on the enterprise and society; Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Jacques Couvas has held CEO, COO, executive officer positions, and board directorships with public and private MNCs in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He has served on various committees of the International Telecommunications Union of the United Nations, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the European Conference of Posts and Telecommunications, and as corporate and industry advocate at the European Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the World Economic Forum. He is President Emeritus of the European Mobile Messaging Association, of which he was CEO from 1994 to 2005. Couvas holds degrees of Master in Business Administration (Open University Business School, UK) and of Master in European Union Law (University of Leicester, UK), post-graduate diplomas and certificates in European Marketing Management (INSEAD), Executive Management, Financial Strategy, Italian Literature, and Sales Management from U.S. and European institutions. He is completing a Ph.D. in EU Law at Leicester University. He is a former Fellow of the Institute of Directors (London), member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (Brussels), CEMS Strategy Group (Paris), and the Strategic Management Society (Chicago), associate editor of the International Business and Diplomacy Exchange magazine (London), and a peer-reviewer at the Emerald Group Publications (London). He is an advisor to European and American corporations on Middle Eastern affairs and commercial strategies, and an entrepreneur. He has served as Adjunct Professor with major Turkish universities, visiting academic at Santa Clara University School of Law, U.S., and President, Europe of Kepner Tregoe, Inc., a Princeton-based worldwide consulting and executive education firm, specializing in strategy formulation and operational effectiveness.

Selected Publications :

Couvas, J. (2011). Spring and Federalism under the Arab Sun. IBD Exchange, 4(39).

Couvas, J. (2011). Arab Revolutions: Any Winners Yet?. IBD Exchange, 4(32).

Couvas, J. (2011). Lessons in Leadership, and Its Opposite. IBD Exchange, 3( 9).

Couvas, J. (2010). Businesspeople, Academics, Playwrights: A Breed of Diplomats in Demand. IBD Exchange, 2(6).

Couvas, J., (2010). Strategic Depth: Regional Diplomatic Hegemony at the Service of National Industry and Commerce. IBD Exchange, 1(18).

Couvas, J.,(2009). Sailing in Unchartered Waters: The Sale of CCS. Eaglelabs.

Couvas J.,(2009). Power Games in the Adriatic: The 1923 Italian Occupation of Corfu. Eaglelabs.

Couvas, J., (2008). Vodafone : An English Saga. Shroff Publishers.

Couvas, J.,(2008). Sony Ericsson: Can Two Laggards Make a Champion?. Shroff Publishers.

Couvas, J.,(2008). Leadership Crisis at Newcom Corp. Shroff Publishers.

Couvas, J.,(2005). Direct Democracy in the European Union of the 21st Century. Pnyx.

Past Writing Activities Include :

Publisher and editor-in-chief of industry magazines Direct Line and In Touch (London, Geneva); journalist on international affairs for dailies Ta Nea and To Vima (Athens), quarterly Dossiers Politiques (Brussels), AF Broadcasting Corp. (Athens), news agencies ANSA, IPS News, Reuters.

Industry Conferences :

EurasiaCom, Istanbul, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 (Chair)

EMMA biannual conventions, various European locations, 1994 through 2008 (Chair)

Wireless Messaging Congress, Beijing, 1999 (Chair)