Bo Wei
Assistant Professor | HomePage

Academic Specialization:
Operations Research
Research interests: Stochastic models, stochastic optimal control, robust decision making and learning, channel coordination, and applications in supply chain management and service systems

Bo WEI has a PhD in industrial and systems engineering from Texas A&M University in 2014. He also has an MS in control theory and a BS in automation from University of Science and Technology of China. Prior to joining in Bilkent, he worked as a research fellow at National University of Singapore from 2015 to 2020. He is generally interested in the fundamental ideas from systems science, including applied probability, optimization, control, learning, game and mechanism design.

Selected Publications :

Wei, B., Yao D. (2021). Ergodic Inventory Control with Diffusion Demand and General Ordering Costs, Operations Research Letters, 49, 578-585.

Wei, B., Çetinkaya, S., Cline, D.B.H. (2020). Analytical Results on the Service Performance of Stochastic Clearing Systems, Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, pp. 1-20, DOI:

Wei, B., Haskell, B.W., Zhao, S. (2020). The CoMirror Algorithm with Random Constraint Sampling for Convex Semi-Infinite Programming, Annals of Operations Research, 295, 809-841.

Wei, B., Haskell, B.W., Zhao, S. (2020). An Inexact Primal-Dual Algorithm for Semi-Infinite Programming, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 91(3), 501-544.