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As of 2018, we have 3,827 graduates from undergraduate program, 987 from MBA, 256 from Executive MBA and 68 from MS/PhD programs. As a Business School with a far-reaching, cross- industry, international business vision, we are exceptionally pleased with 40% of our students have been employed 6 months out after graduation. “53% of our graduates are holding managerial positions at different levels”. From technology to finance, consulting to e-commerce, our graduates are making an impact across many industries. Among our alumni holding bachelor degree, the technological industry continues as one of the most popular industries with 31% of our graduates getting their placements during the last five years. Financial Services, Auditing and Consulting – the solid backbones of business – still draw a sizable crowd claiming 18%, 12% and 12%, respectively. Marketing roles are top of the table with 25% of our student body finding their footing there. Finance, Auditing and Assurance, and Sales are our student’s strong sides with shares of 19%, 17% and 13%, respectively. However, the real climber is growth in consulting which has risen to a healthy 13% in 2018. For our MBA and Executive MBA, technology and defense industries have been powerhouses among our alumni from the beginning. We are also extremely pleased to place our PhD’s in the best universities in Turkey and Europe. For more details, please check the below file that was prepared by our Alumni Committee.